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Are your kitchen cabinets chipped, worn out, old and dated? Do you think that your entire kitchen needs a makeover just to remodel your cabinets?
You may consider a renovation as the only solution to eliminate this problem. However, all you require is an efficient and affordable process of kitchen cabinet refacing.

This method is quick and demands just a tiny fraction of the cost of a time-consuming renovation. What’s more, at the end of the procedure, you get good-looking cabinets and an entirely new kitchen vibe.
At Pro Wood Interiors, we know what a fantastic cabinet refacing st louis looks like. One of our top qualities is that we don’t involve third-party contractors and manufacturers in this procedure. Instead, we do everything on our own, from designing to manufacturing and installing all the components needed for a kitchen makeover.

We are a team of experienced craftsmen that always prioritize quality over quantity. Our vision is to create detailed and well-designed cabinets, encouraging our customers to give more attention to their kitchens and keep them well-maintained like the rest of their house.

We believe in customization at an exceptionally affordable rate. So whether you have a small or big budget, our services and rate allow you to be open with your ideas without making any compromises.

What Is Cabinet Refacing?

If you have been living in a house for quite some time and can feel the need for kitchen remodeling, you may want to start with changing how your cabinets look. Most people would suggest you completely demolish your well-structured cabinets and get them replaced. However, that’s similar to getting rid of your vehicle just because you don’t like its color anymore.

If you want to act wise, you can opt for refacing. Instead of getting your cabinets out of the way, you can only dramatically change their look. This would give the same benefits as a cabinet replacement but at a pretty low price.

Cabinet refacing involves replacing the skin of your kitchen cabinets. The process changes the drawer fronts and the cabinet doors and simultaneously replaces drawer pulls, hinges, and handles.

kitchen cabine refacing in st louis

How Do We Do Cabinet Refacing?

Our team at Pro Wood Interiors ensures that you get the best results from a stl cabinet refinishing. Every additional exterior surface that we add looks entirely new. Here are a few things we do to make cabinet refinishing st louis a success.

  • We remove cabinet doors, drawers, and fronts without doing anything to the existing drawer boxes.
  • Then we use different materials to cover the front portions of the boxes.
  • All the sides of the cabinets are then skinned using either laminate or wood veneer.
  • If there is a need, we also add new hinges.
  • This is followed by installing new drawer fronts and doors.
  • If your existing hardware is perfectly fine, we reuse it. However, if that’s not the case, we install new handles, fixtures, and drawer pulls.

Most of our customers also demand the replacement of upper cabinets. If your existing cabinets have a head room or soffit above them, we can easily add taller cabinets to make some additional space. We also reface the bottom cabinets so you can easily keep your original counter-top.

We can also create new cabinets for you for your new appliances.

At the end of every project, we ensure that every new and old cabinet matches. Also, we create custom designs and color combinations to accommodate your taste in every way.

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Benefits of Cabinet Refacing

Here’s why you should go for cabinet refacing st Louis:

  • If you love your kitchen’s existing layout, refacing is the best option any day. It retains your kitchen’s look and gives it a modern look worthy of all praises.
  • You can get your hands on many different style options. From natural wood to laminates, you have several options to choose from, allowing you to customize your cabinets.
  • It is a cost-saving process. Your cabinets get a new life at a much lower price than custom-made cabinets. That’s a significant consideration, especially if you have a tight budget.
  • If you want to go for a sustainable method, cabinet refacing may tick all the right boxes. It doesn’t involve cutting extra trees to get wood for new cabinet boxes. And that’s something we all should consider in these vulnerable times.

Why Should You Choose Pro Wood Interiors?

If you want to experience a successful cabinet refinishing process in St. Louis,louis here’s why you should choose us.

We Are Locally Available

Imagine hiring a big corporation located in another city or state for the refinishing task. While they might serve you well, they may fail to stay fully involved in your project. As a result, you might face issues fulfilling your kitchen remodeling dream.

Our best quality is that we are available in St. Louis, a town many call home. We are a local business that stays involved in your project from start to end.
What’s more, we guide our team members to do the same so that no client feels being taken for granted.

Being local also means that we are readily available for your service. So, whenever there is an issue, we ensure to reach the location and sort it out on time.

Our Installers Are Highly Qualified

For us, nothing matters more than quality. We don’t want our clients to compromise, so we make sure only to hire well-trained and qualified installers. There is no room for mistakes, so our team only has well-experienced installers.
Whether you want a reface for your cabinets or get a replacement for certain parts, our installers make every effort to leave you satisfied.

Our Staff Is Highly Knowledgeable

As a small yet ambitious cabinet refinishing st louis service provider, we don’t take the experience and knowledge of our staff for granted. We understand that knowledge generates ideas and also improves communication.
Every team member in our company is learned enough to communicate with the clients. They also have strong foundations regarding the concept of kitchen refacing. In addition, we keep our staff updated regarding the new techniques and tools, so they are always aware of things that can make their work productive.

We Charge Competitive Rates

Considering global inflation, running a business by charging low rates for the services is very hard. However, we believe in staying competitive and often charge less than most huge corporations.
But low rates don’t mean we take our services for granted. Our quality of services stays top-notch and consistent regardless of your budget.

We Always Follow Deadlines

Once the manufacturing time is over, it takes only two to four days to finish most refacing tasks. That’s a very short time and demands minimum disruption.
We make sure that we follow all the deadlines strictly. Besides, if you want to use your kitchen while we work, you can do so easily. We don’t get in your way so that you can continue your life normally.

Just a Call Away!

If you are tired of looking at your worn-out cabinets, know we are just a call away. You can contact us to get a free cost and duration estimate and meet our team to get all the satisfaction you require.

Cabinet Refacing Frequently Asked Questions

At Pro Wood Interiors, we ensure that our clients get all their questions answered before they appoint us for their cabinet refacing project. Here are some common queries that may help you too.

How Long Does It Take to Remodel an Entire Kitchen?

The duration depends on many factors. These may include the size of the kitchen, the work that needs to be done, and the budget. However, in usual circumstances, a large remodeling project takes three weeks, but it takes around three to five days to reface a kitchen.

Can I Get All My Kitchen Cabinets Refaced?

Yes, as long as your kitchen is functional and well-built, you can get every cabinet refaced. If you require additional space to accommodate your new appliances, we can install new cabinets that match the refaced ones. Our team is an all-rounder in meeting the customers’ demands and making adjustments as required.

Can You Make New Adjustments to My Kitchen?

At Pro Wood Interiors, we believe in listening to our customers. Whether you need new pantries, islands, cabinets, or even want to move walls; we are always ready to offer you our expertise.

We can also extend the existing height of your cabinets, change your lights and install exhaust hoods if required. All your requirements can be met without harming your bank balance.

What Is the Cost of Cabinet Refacing St Louis?

The cost of refacing depends on the number of cabinets, the color and doors you choose, and any additional requirements. That said, the expense is far less than the money you may spend on getting custom cabinets.

It is no doubt an excellent money-saving option. You can invest the amount saved in things like decorative moldings, accessories, whistles, and bells that you always wanted.

Pro Wood Interiors ensures that you make all your kitchen dreams true.
Please send us your contact information and wait for our call before we get this project started.

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